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Professional chef. Sharing stories, secrets, and recipes from behind the line of a professional kitchen.
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I hate to be the one with bad news.

But if any diet could magically help you lose those last five, fifteen, or one-hundred-fifty pounds, it would have by now.

The problem is not a lack of willpower or commitment.

It’s not your metabolism or your addiction to sugar (or…

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In school, I was called a daydreamer as an insult.

Constantly told to get my head out of the clouds. To stop getting lost in wandering thoughts, or I wouldn’t stand a chance of making it in the world.

Ashamed by my wild imagination, I learned to drown out my…

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Years ago, I gulped down greasy-buttered coffee every morning in place of breakfast, hoping to become bulletproof. Sadly, the only results I felt were the extreme pangs of nausea, ultimately derailing my efforts.

After desperate failed attempts to keep up the latest diet craze, I learned I need rules, not…

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Most people think I have a dream job.

Warm chocolate chip cookies always fresh from the oven. Hand-stretched pizza from a wood-fired oven, delivered in just 90-seconds to your plate.

But when you’re 5'4" and your job requires you to be surrounded by constant temptation, endless snacking becomes extra pounds…

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I always thought the perfect diet would be the answer to all of life’s problems.

I would follow every trend, superfood, or over-hyped fitness craze. Trying everything possible to squeeze myself into a mold built for someone else.

When it failed, I blamed myself.

I was too flawed to get…

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No one wants to suffer.

We go to extremes to avoid pain. Spend endless amounts of time, money, and energy to escape a feeling of discomfort.

Medicate it with a fast-acting fix. The instant comfort you crave. A temporary relief, blinding you from the laundry list of life-long side-effects.


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Every time you take a bite of food, consider that you are programming your biology for health or disease. When you eat healthy food, you are, in fact, eating medicine.

Hyman, Mark. The Pegan Diet

Today, there’s more evidence than ever before that our diets impact our mental and physical…

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My body was born to be on the go.

Growing up, I defied parents and teachers who struggled with my need for non-stop movement. A persistent inner battle that now hinders getting important work done.

When I have a daunting task, one I know requires undivided attention, a flip switches.


Photo by Daniel Curran on Unsplash

I was six when I got my first LEGO set.

It was no Barbie dream home, but the bright-colored building blocks promised hours of entertainment and a shiny reward at the end.

I followed the simple instructions, snapping together the 802 tiny plastic pieces, to match the perfect image on…

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

The only dirty four-letter word in my vocabulary is diet.

Just mention it, my skin starts to crawl, and I want to dive face-first into a tray of rich, chocolate brownies hot from the oven.

It brings up thoughts of deprivation, restriction, and a never-ending cycle of negative thoughts around…

Katie Brozen

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